Air Travel

Air Travel has impacted our social and material life to a great extent. In fact it has changed the way we think, we live, and even we look ourselves as well as the world around us. It has played a major role in getting people belonging to different cultures, different religions as well as different countries closer that was not possible otherwise. Intercontinental services do not surprise any more. Flights to worldwide destinations e.g. Cairo flights from all the major destinations of the world are so common that people have now become addicted to air travel. Getting into any foreign country has never been so simple. Air Travel has not a very long history. Aviation industry took birth in 1903 when Wright brothers flew their first air craft that was a machine ‘Flyer’. This provided bases for an entire new industry of aviation and the first scheduled air service began on January 1914.

Previously people used to travel by ships that sail in the sea. It was a very difficult thing to travel by ship it did not only take too much time to reach a far away destination but it also take many days even to reach a neighboring country. But as the technology evolved air travel narrowed the other conventional ways of traveling. Now getting flights to anywhere like flights to Cairo is just a matter of a single phone call or a click at any of the website by the hundreds of thousands of traveling companies. These companies have managed their teams of travel consultants whom you need to tell the destination you want to travel, your traveling dates, your departure and arrival destination as well as the range of air fare you can afford. They look for airlines offering flights to your desired destination and give you the fare you can afford. Let us suppose that you are looking for cheap flights to Cairo. They will look for all the airlines taking travelers to Cairo such as; Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, British Airways, KLM, and Ethiopian Airways.

Cairo is one of the most popular destinations among history lovers. It is the capital city of Egypt that is home to Egyptian Pyramids. Previously it was only a dream for Europeans to travel to Egypt and witness its ancient pyramids that are one of the wonders of world. Now flights to Cairo from UK have made it very easy and comfortable to get into the region. Almost the entire world’s leading carriers fly to Cairo. The choice of the airline is up to you as it depends upon your level of comfort and your affordability. If you can not afford to get an expensive one you will definitely opt for a cheaper airlines giving you cheap Cairo flights. Again if your level of comfort is very high you will be looking for a luxury airline that present you business class flights.

Airlines Aim to Boost Air Travel

Air travel is known for speed, efficiency and comfort. Not only is it the fastest mode of travel, even booking a ticket or making travel plans around flight bookings is one of the easiest things. A number of airlines and online travel portals offers convenient bookings options – just specify your travel dates and destinations and a complete list of all air connection between the two is displayed. Choose the one that suits your schedule and budget, complete the payment process and you are ready to fly. It really is that simple.

The airlines also offer a number of different facilities to make your travel easier. Besides online booking, they also offer web or telephonic check-in. Things are simplified to such an extent that passengers just have to reach the airport and from that point on someone is on hand to assist then on every step of the journey.

With the high level of competition between airlines, exceptional service is just one of the criteria they have to attract passengers. The other, sometimes more effective method is to offer exciting deals on fares. In fact, the airlines plan some of their best deals in time for the summer holidays. From the multiple options on offer, choose one that matches your requirement and get the best deal for your trip.

Airlines have been known to offer such unbelievable offers like book a return ticket to Europe and win a free round-trip ticket to anywhere in the US! But check the fine print, such offers come with a number of different terms and conditions. For example, this free round-trip offer may be available only for First Class passengers. People who use the premium services of an airline are often entitled to special privileges. First Class passengers may be gifted a certificate entitling them to a free round-trip to any number of cities. Such certificates can be redeemed at any time too.

In the interest of their most frequent customers, airlines also offer special Frequent Flyer programs. For any number of miles earned, their regular customers can earn free tickets or upgrades, or even get gifts from partner brands or hotels.

A new long haul travel feature that is likely to be on offer soon is the availability of triple-decker bungs on international airlines.

In order to make air travel more convenient and comfortable, some airliners in Europe are also planning to launch triple Decker bunks. Once such a facility is offered then for the first time ever economy class travelers will have the luxury of catching some much-needed sleep on a private bunk. The economy class bunks would be set on a herringbone pattern – parallel rows that converge along a spine. With bunks on offer, economy class travelers can also enjoy some comforts that were hitherto reserved for Business and First Class alone.

There is some airline-related good news for pet owners amongst us as well, albeit only for those residing in the US and Canada. A new airline, aptly called Pet Airways has started offering air travel facilities for the beloved dogs and cats and other creatures that have to be left at home when the family heads for a vacation or have to suffer long drives in packed cars.

Comfortable as the world of airline travel is, it has not been immune from the credit crunch afflicting the rest of the world. Over the last years, millions of travelers have cancelled or postponed their travel plans. This development has affected the airlines very badly. One drastic consequence of this downturn has been the scaling down of airlines operations. Several airlines are now rationalizing the routes they fly or even bringing down the frequency of flights. Another factor in the current state of disarray of international airlines has been the devaluation of the Pound (GBP) against the Euro. Finally realizing the sheer scope of the crunch, some national airlines have even had to consider mergers, such as in the case of British Airways and Iberia. Still others are on the lookout for government-backed bail-out plans, much like the banks were before.

Of late, the condition has been improving. The passengers are coming back and the demand for tickets is surging again. Airlines are now offering low fares and other deals to get more travelers out. Even full service airlines are offering low fare deals.

Passengers are now coming back, and in large numbers. It would seem the low fares and offers advertised by the airlines are working. The lure of easy online booking, quick and comfortable travel, all at value-for-money prices are all proving effective in enticing the recession-weary traveler out and setting him off on new travels.

Indian Airlines Have Been Providing a Comfortable Air Travel

In December, 2005, this airline was renamed as “Indian”, which is a part of the preparation for its merger with Air India. On February, 2007, at the authorization of government, Indian Airlines was merged with Air India to provide improved facilities to its flyers. After mergence, the airlines retained the initials of Indian Airlines as IC with logo name as Air India. This mix and match was done to augment the amenities within the lowest possible costs. This airline has always been a preferred among people in the country.

With facilities like promotional or discounted fares, travel assistance, excellent choice of meals and holiday packages, Indian Airlines continued to be among the top favorite of people. Airlines are a means to enjoy luxurious and comfortable travel to a variety of places. The same anticipation of flyers is fulfilled at Indian Airlines, where you are served with utmost care and comfort. This airline is a state owned department that works under Ministry of Civil Aviation.

If you are willing to travel through this airline; then, you should be rest guaranteed of services that will provide you with best-in-class services. Indian Airlines is a Delhi based airways that focuses primarily on domestic destination, with few global destinations too. The main hub of this airline is Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and important bases at Chhatrapati Shivaji Airport at Mumbai, Meenambakkam Airport at Chennai and Subhash Chandra Airport at Kolkata.

With the facility of inexpensive fares provided from time to time, you will have the autonomy of availing cheap Indian Airlines tickets. After all, everyone likes to travel at affordable rates and save a lot of money. This airline is such that its conveniences are of supreme class, which are available within your budget. Even, the cabin crew and ground staff are well trained to deal with the passengers with utmost care and comfort. The seating capacity of the aircraft also provides proper leg space for a relaxing journey.

The meals provided while the journey is something to be relished. You will be given a choice to select from vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, along with special meals for health conscious people. By now, you must have been lured to take-on a flight with Indian Airlines. If you plan to travel to some international destination like Dubai, Bahrain, Colombo or Singapore; then, you definitely will have ever appreciating memories from your air travel. The reasons for this are choicest of delicacies, excellent in-flight assistance, warm hospitality and comfortable journey. After the merging of Indian Airlines and Air India, the result seemed to be a constructive decision. Even, the fares allow almost every category of people to travel to their dream destinations. Now, they don’t have to recline with not having enough finances for an air travel.