Air Travel

Air Travel has impacted our social and material life to a great extent. In fact it has changed the way we think, we live, and even we look ourselves as well as the world around us. It has played a major role in getting people belonging to different cultures, different religions as well as different […]

Airlines Aim to Boost Air Travel

Air travel is known for speed, efficiency and comfort. Not only is it the fastest mode of travel, even booking a ticket or making travel plans around flight bookings is one of the easiest things. A number of airlines and online travel portals offers convenient bookings options – just specify your travel dates and destinations […]

Indian Airlines Have Been Providing a Comfortable Air Travel

In December, 2005, this airline was renamed as “Indian”, which is a part of the preparation for its merger with Air India. On February, 2007, at the authorization of government, Indian Airlines was merged with Air India to provide improved facilities to its flyers. After mergence, the airlines retained the initials of Indian Airlines as […]